Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Clear Stamp Storage

So I ran across a video of this gal's craft room on YouTube. Can you say organized. I wish I could afford to be that organized. I like my stuff organized but I would love to have the cabinets and drawer systems and such. Well she had mentioned that she previously stored her clear stamps in Tim Holtz binders but found it took up too much space and she left them in the sleeves but stored them in baskets. Well I store mine in baskets but what I needed was the sleeves and I don't have the money for the awesome sleeves she had, so it got me to thinking. I had some old 8.5x11 page protectors that weren't doing anything but taking up space. I decided to out them to good use.

First I cut them in half. Paper cutter goes through them like butter.

Then I broke out the trusty food storage bag sealer and sealed the open sides. I use deluge on half of them to see how it worked for those of you that don't have a seal a meal type doo hickey.I tried glue and it didn't stay stuck.  You would probably be able to use a tape runner though.

Next I very carefully cut a slit across the top through just one layer.  You could cut it before you seal the sides but everything didn't want to line up straight because of how slippery it is.  

Last but not least, you put your stamp set inside.  Yay!  This will help keep dust off.  I also wrote on the white part at the top what the stamp set was so you could flip through and find the one you are looking for easily. 

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