Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Fun Spring Wreath

I saw someone make a wreath similar to this on a FaceBook group.  I fell in love with it and had to make myself one.  Then of course my mom, my sister, my daughter-in-law, my daughter, and my niece all needed one lol.  That was a lot and I am hoping my oldest doesn't think she needs one for her birthday because I don't want to make any more.

I started by cutting out the flowers.  I used the Fresh Blossoms Smooth Cardstock pack from Walmart.  Worked perfect for these flowers.  Good weight.  The flower pattern is from the Silhouette Design Store, Design ID #178393.  It took some maneuvering but I was able to get 8 flowers on my mat. 
After getting them all cut out I took my thingy (have no idea what it is called but you can see it in the picture below) and added some dimension to the first 3 petals and the center before rolling them.  It is not necessary but I wanted to make sure the outer petals curved and lay a little better.

The next step is to roll all of them up.  This takes some time.  I used my Cricut Quilling Pen that came in a die set I have.  I have heard others saying they used a bobby pin to roll them or rolled them by hand.  The quilling pen was actually quite easy and fast.

After rolling all of the flowers I used my hot glue gun and applied glue to the center of the flower.  Believe me I burn myself a lot doing this.  Be forewarned!

Hold them in place until the glue cools.

 They are so pretty when you have them all rolled.

Next comes the wreath.  I just used a 12" green foam floral wreath from Walmart. It was just a couple dollars.  I got a big bag of spanish moss.  After making all of these I kinda wish I had tried using sheet moss to see if it would be easier to wrap the wreath.  With this moss I tried to make thick strands then wrapped and glued.  It isn't easy.  This is where the burnt fingers came in.  I used a hot melt glue gun and it made the moss smoke a bit.  I just blew on it and it would quit smoking when cool.

Next came gluing on all the flowers.  I just placed them on however I liked from the center front top to center front bottom.  I just made sure mine didn't have same colors next to each other.  You can put them on however you would like.  The one I made for my daughter is actually rainbow order.  It turned out great.  
Just apply hot glue on the bottom of the finished flower and hold into place until cool.  I pushed pretty good to make sure it held to the wreath and not just the moss.  That way I knew it wasn't coming off.  I offset each flower so they fit together nicely.

To finish it up I used some wide ribbon I got clearance after Christmas.  Works perfect for this.  I just measured how long I wanted it and put a bow in it then hung it up with a command hook.  Love the way it turned out.

Edit:  Here is the link to download the file with all 8 on the mat.


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